Services & Rates

Therapeutic Massage

30 minutes: $30.00
60 minutes: $60.00

Ionic Foot Detox

30 minutes: $20.00

The ionic foot detox is an effective and gentle way to cleanse and detoxify the body. As your feet soak in the ionic footbath you cleanse stored toxins from the body. The treatment works by osmosis as the ionic generator is placed in the water footbath. Ions are released through the water and into the body. Cells are energized by the ions which stimulate the release of toxins, oils, acids, metals and cellular debris. When electrons encounter physical reactions in the atmosphere, they become positively charged ions. An excessive accumulation of toxins in the body result from this. The ionic foot detox can enhance the natural healing power of the body by balancing the electrons in the body. You will see the water turn various colors based upon what toxins are being pulled out of your body. 

Migraine Miracle Cold Stone Ther

45 minutes: $50.00

Migraine Miracle Cold Stone Therapy is a natural, safe, holistic and uniquely instinctual method for relieving the symptoms migraine headaches. The Migraine Miracle method incorporates cold marble stone therapy, proprietary essential oil blends and pressure point massage.  This method provides a renewed sense of balance and harmony along with dramatic relief from migraine headaches without the use of prescription drugs.  

Kinesio taping

Kinesio taping to enhance sports performance, muscle stabilization, improve lymphatic drainage and assist in decreasing swelling. $5 per area

Warm Paraffin Hand Treatment

20 minutes: $15.00

Enjoy a warm paraffin wax treatment on your hands. Begin with an application of hydrating hand balm then the hands are dipped into the warm wax. Plastic covers are placed over the hands as you sit and relax while the warmth of the wax helps to soothe sore hands and finger joints. After the wax is removed a wonderful massage to the hands wraps up the treatment! 

Essential Oil add on

Add an essential oil to your massage for $10.00

Warm Himalayan salt stone add on

Add on to your massage for $10.00